JOIN US! in Establishing the Largest CIPAC (Comprehensive, Integrative, Progressive Animal Care) No Kill LifeSaving Companion Animal Program in the United States.

Offering Direct LifeSaving (Rescue, Transfer and Adoption) of 33,000 Puppies, Dogs, Kittens and Cats Annually.

Daisy says "We're ready to make history for at-risk shelter pets and you're invited to join the TEAM!" 

(For those following our progress thus far, we have an update and a new challenge for all the dog and cat lovers out there to embrace. We've been tasked with our largest request for assistance to date. We took the request to some of our team to find out if we were ready to work to meet such a challenge (and then some as you'll read below). Result? Our team is ready to GO BIG or GO HOME and you're invited to JOIN US!

Over the past 4.5 years of our community service work, we've learned that the more success we have at making dogs and people happy while helping more pet guardians/owners and at-risk shelter dogs, shelter staff and volunteers, animal control and police depts and rescue groups in need, the more the demand grows. That's a good thing because when people, agencies, depts and groups ask for help, it means people care. At the same time it's overwhelming because of growing pains. Organizations need to grow more human and financial resources to be able to meet a growing demand. 

We're being asked to take on a significant increase in our transfer intake of puppies and adult dogs from several New Mexico communities totaling an additional 3,500 - 4,000 animals into our care per year. We have to get creative on the funding side of things because as with most cities and counties in NM (with very few exceptions), adequate animal care budgets for homeless pets do not exist and they will not be able to provide much funding to cover their request for assistance. Most but not all of the pups and dogs we'll be taking in will need some level of medical care and some will need further adoption prep including socialization, training and behavior modification. We're also going to "need a bigger boat" as the small facility we have right now serves primarily as a training center and program demo site to provide training opportunities in our community for staff and volunteers working with dogs in their daily work so that they have an opportunity to grow their skills in comprehensive, integrative and progressive animal care. It also houses NMPA rescue dogs in our adoption prep program and assists dog guardians/owners with difficult dog behaviors. 

Once we begin to work toward meeting this additional demand to help prep 3,500 - 4,000 more pups and dogs each year for rescue transfer to other groups or direct adoption through NMPA, we are fully aware that we will likely receive requests from additional communities asking us to help them as well. We are already receiving a significant increase in the number of requests from pet guardians/owners for help with difficult dogs in need of effective behavior modification services. If our "bigger boat" plan doesn't account for future demands from more communities and pet guardians/owners seeking assistance while deliberately planning to meet the needs of a maximum of 1,000 pets in need (dogs and cats) from each county in NM each year (a total of 33,000 healthy and treatable pets in need each year), we will quickly outgrow a sustainable capacity. Deliberate and strategic planning will allow us to meet the growing demand for help most successfully. 

So what do we need to successfully establish the largest CIPAC (Comprehensive, Integrative, Progressive Animal Care) No Kill LifeSaving Companion Animal Program in the United States? Answer: YOU!  Our growing crew needs YOU to join our LifeSaving TEAM as a Volunteer, Foster, Donor or Business/Agency/Organization Sponsor or Partner.

All donations no matter how large or small will allow us to bring this project to full fruition. We especially encourage you to become a Founding Partner to help us build capacity to help a larger number of people and pets in New Mexico and successfully meet the growing demand for our help. THANK YOU to those who have donated so far!!  

CIPAC/Happy Hounds Adoption Center & Training Academy Details:

 For dog guardians/Owners:

  • access to training and behavior modification by donation (pay what you can) to learn how to effectively communicate with your dog to decrease unwanted behaviors while increasing the behaviors you do want and ultimately increase the enjoyment of your companionship
  • access to a safe alternative to dog parks by donation (pay what you can) under the supervision of a team trained in dog to dog interactions and socialization that helps reduce your dog's 'dog aggression' and increases your dog's ability to gain confidence and social skills that eventually allows your dog to play appropriately with other dogs
  • access to effective Board, Play and Socialize and also Board and Train services if your dog needs more in-depth assistance
  • had access to effective in-home consultations for special difficult dog cases with one of the leading canine experts in the country

For shelter staff members, volunteers, fosters, animal control and police officers, rescue group staff and volunteers and veterinarian staff members:

- access to free training (yes, we said FREE) to learn how to effectively reduce the levels of fear and frustration in the dogs in your care and those you assist in your everyday activities thereby reducing the number of possible incidents of aggression and increasing safety in your workplace - whether it be in a facility or out in the field. The added bonus? ...increasing the number of healthy and treatable dogs staying alive and making it back to their people or finding the new happy home they deserve. 

For those who desire to become an effective dog trainer - access to expertise to help you achieve becoming a dog trainer that utilized canine psychology and all 4 quadrants of learning theory so that you had the know-how to effectively meet the needs of ALL healthy and treatable dogs that needed your help rather than a limited spectrum of dogs.

For those who want to help support a pilot program aimed at reducing recidivism among offenders in New Mexico: With our partnership with the State of New Mexico Corrections Dept, we see the changes occurring right before our eyes when non-violent offenders begin learning to care for formerly incarcerated shelter dogs as they help prepare them for a happy home. It's turning out to be pretty terrific stuff - we want to maintain and grow this program to help many more people who have demonstrated commitment and dedication and also deserve a 2nd chance.

What Will It All Cost?

  • (Shelter surrender prevention and Helping People) - assist pet guardians/owners with behavior modification services for their dogs by donation (based on what they can afford to pay)
  • (Shelter surrender prevention and Helping People) - provide more in depth Board, Play and Socialize and also Board and Train services to pet guardians/owners for their dogs that need more in-depth assistance
  • (Shelter surrender prevention and Helping People) - provide effective in-home consultations to assist pet guardians/owners with special difficult dog cases with one of the leading canine experts in the country
  • (Saving More Lives and Helping People) - provide free canine behavior and handling training to shelter staff members, volunteers, fosters, animal control and police officers, rescue group staff and volunteers and veterinarian staff members
  • (Saving More Lives and Helping People while Saving Tax-Dollars) - provide rescue/transfer/adoption services for 33,000 at-risk shelter puppies, dogs, kittens and cats annually (1,000  each year from each county in New Mexico). This will be accomplished in a non-traditional sheltering arrangement where 1,000 families receiving volunteer stipends serve as our 'shelter'. A home environment structure saves on large sheltering infrastructure and related costs while providing a healthy living environment for incoming rescues while also delivering economic assistance and pet care education to 1,000 caring, NM families in need. This model can cut overall traditional sheltering costs in half. WIN-WIN-WIN!
  • (Saving More Lives and Helping People while Saving Tax-Dollars) - provide program for offenders to learn animal care and training in an effort to help reduce recidivism in New Mexico.
  • (Helping People) - provide expertise and training to help those who wish to gain new skills to become an effective dog trainer or work in a related profession.

    The estimated cost to deliver the above services in a traditional sheltering environment totals over $18 million/year. Thanks to innovative yet comprehensive animal care models along with the generosity already bestowed upon efforts, our cost to launch the program is only $100K (and we will be immediately acting upon every dollar donated as it comes in) and our cost to reach full fruition annually is only $7 million/year. Is this something you'd like to support?  If so, please read on!

    We are now accepting donations from animal loving individuals, agencies, organizations and businesses in New Mexico and beyond in any amount who would like to be a part of bringing this project to fruition.  You can also become a Founding Partner:

    • A $100 donation receives 2 custom printed awesome t-shirts from a selection of 3 designs
    • A $250 donation receives a 8"x8" wall tile placement on the Happy Hounds Adoption Center Wall of WOOFS & THANKS for one year - it can be all text, a photo and text, a logo and text, etc. Our design volunteers will help you if needed and it yours to keep after 1 year
    • A $500 donation receives a 12"x12" wall tile placement on the Happy Hounds Adoption Center Wall of WOOFS & THANKS for one year - it can be all text, a photo and text, a logo and text, etc. Our design volunteers will help you if needed and it yours to keep after 1 year
    • A $1000 donation receives 'Sponsored By...' e-news featured sponsor recognition in NMPA/PawCORE e-newsletters for 6 months. Readership currently totals 4,018 in New Mexico, United States and internationally.
    • A $2,500 donation receives 'Sponsored By...' prominent off-site event sponsorship recognition for one year (approximately 50 events)
    • A $5,000 donation receives 'Sponsored By...' prominent large indoor banner placement on the Happy Hounds Adoption Center central wall for 1 year. The Center will host daily adoption events for the general public 7 days week
    • A $10,000 donation receives 'Sponsored By...' exclusive large outdoor banner placement  for one year in dog playgroup, enrichment and socialization programming yards which will host daily 'Yappy Hour' dog and people socials for the general public 7 days week. Your sponsorship will also be featured in 'Yappy Hour' print and online promotions for 1 year.
    • A $25,000 donation receives 'Sponsored By...' exclusive large outdoor tower signage placement for one year - daily traffic count  = 13,000 vehicles per day

    We hope you will join in with a donation in any amount or you may also donate an item from our remaining supplies needed list to help us reach our goal of helping MANY MORE people and pets. 


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