Note of Thanks and Important Rescue Updates

Thank You to those of you who have sent well wishes, emails and cards over the past 12 months to Melissa Roberts, our Lead
Volunteer/Founder/Director as she began and continues to battle metastatic cancer. Last year, other volunteers and fosters and adopters came together to gradually begin a reduction in our rescue programming as a means to get Melissa to begin to leave her 16+ hour volunteer days behind so she could focus on winning her cancer battle. With a reduction in programming came a reduction in foster and volunteer coordination and fundraising which leads to a reduction in human and financial resources. Also, these days in rescue, if your work isn't at the top of the facebook dramatic urgent posts, your important work can get buried without adequate funding so that has also been a challenge. Some of the toughest rescue cases do not always appear dramatic but it does not mean they don't need or deserve to receive help. 2018 through today has not been easy road but we all knew if we did not reduce programming we would not be able to get Melissa to focus on herself. After a long 12 months of gradual reductions, she now volunteers only a few hours a week.

Every rescue has a primary workhorse and driver. Melissa has been ours. If a rescue loses that and does not have another replacement to volunteer on that level or funding to hire someone, a Plan B has to be set into motion so last year we also began initial plans to join with another group after this upcoming New Year. We wanted to ensure we would not lose Melissa's 8 years of expertise and knowledge helping dogs and a few cats too that others cannot or will not help so a transfer of some of that most important knowledge began late last year. Since early last year, we've been gradually working on adoptions and transfers to lighten our rescue load and we are thankful for the compassion shown by fosters, adopters and most other rescue groups over the past year and the help they have provided, especially most recently.

We (fosters, adopters, volunteers, donors, friends and family) all remain confident that Melissa will win this battle with cancer and be able to once again assist in a larger capacity some of the dogs and cats that need us the most. She appreciates every email, letter and card she's received over the past year encouraging her to keep fighting. She's heard from some of you who are cancer survivors and those have been particularly uplifting for her. You may send emails to Melissa by clicking here or you may write to her at Melissa Roberts, PO Box 25661, Albuquerque, NM 87125.

We will be entering the warmer months with just about 20 animals in our care, on par with where our current resources are. Below you will find a list of animal care items needed if you would like to donate an item to help. Many of our fosters have the safe and loving home to provide but no means to purchase care items for their fosters. We greatly appreciate their willingness to help nonetheless:

  • Flea/tick topical meds for dogs between 25 - 50 lbs, 50lbs - 100lbs.
  • Adult dry dog food with a single meat listed as the 1st ingredient 
  • Dog treats (not made in China)
  • Vet bills
You may order items above from or any other retailer and ship to NMPA, PO Box 25661, Albuquerque, NM 87125. You may donate for vet care via paypal to or via one of the links below nearer the bottom of this page.
We are also thankful for any additional foster help, volunteer help and adoptions. If you'd like to help, please click here to send us an email for a current list of help needed. Thank you all again for helping us get through this tough time with more ease than trying to go it alone. Everyday people are everyday heroes.


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Please DONATE to help New Mexico Pets Alive with current animal care needs as we work toward our next steps. Become a monthly Constant Companion at any level or make a one time donation:

If you prefer to make a one time donation online, please Click Here. THANK YOU! You may also make your tax-deductible contribution payable to New Mexico Pets Alive and mail to: NMPA, PO Box 25661, Albuquerque, NM 87125


You may also make a tax-deductible contribution online by clicking here or you may make one payable to 
New Mexico Pets Alive
and mail to:
NMPA, PO Box 25661, Albuquerque, NM 87125