An Introduction

Thank you for your interest in New Mexico Pets ALIVE! (NMPA!).  People become involved the complexities of animal welfare in various ways ranging from the traditional and academic routes all the way to literally falling into it.  NMPA! co-founders, Melissa Roberts and Kurt Schlough did not have an animal welfare background when they 'fell into it' and began helping people and pets in 2011. Everyone can do something - it just takes the will to learn what's been proven to be successful, the desire to improve and innovate where possible and the determination to leave no stone unturned in your pursuits to make the world a better place for both people and pets.

New Mexico Pets Alive is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation and No Kill community service organization that is celebrating our 7th year anniversary serving people and pets across New Mexico. Our mission is to promote and provide the information and the gap filling programs needed to help more healthy and treatable at-risk dogs and cats in New Mexico shelters and to also assist the people who care about them (including many individuals, police depts., rescue groups, animal control depts and shelter staff and volunteers). Our efforts aim to one day eliminate the destruction of over 80,000 healthy and treatable dogs and cats occurring in New Mexico stray animal intake facilities every year.

We work to fill gaps in current animal welfare programming to reduce the number of lost and homeless pets arriving in animal shelters in the first place while simultaneously rescuing healthy and treatable dogs and cats in danger of being put down in NM shelters and then helping to increase their health (physical, behavioral and emotional) and successful adoption matches with loving families. As a national average only 1% - 2% of all dogs or cats entering stray animal intake systems in America are irredeemably suffering or truly vicious and must be humanely euthanized. The rest are savable and deserve a second chance.

Through pet guardian/owner support services, we work to help reduce the number of dogs and cats entering the New Mexico shelter system in the first place. Through at-risk shelter pet rescue, foster and adoption placement programs we help increase the number of healthy and treatable dogs and cats making it out of animal facilities alive and onto happy homes. Through post-adoption follow up services, we help prevent dogs and cats from re-entering the NM shelter system.

Utilizing the most successful and leading edge medical, training and behavioral health animal care models, our small community service organization works daily to fill gaps in the current NM animal welfare system. Our programs now assist over 750 people, pets, organizations, depts and agencies each year. We do not duplicate services. In 100% of our rescue cases, we were the only organization who stepped up to help that puppy. kitten, cat or dog. Without us, they had no other care or lifesaving options. While we are proud of those efforts, we are merely scratching the surface of what’s possible!

Our organization is now in the process of developing new programs to help take our work to the next level. With your help we made animal welfare history in New Mexico together in 2017 when we launched the 1st cage free and kennel free adoption space for puppies and Level 1 dogs in Albuquerque, the Canine Cafe

The level of sacrifices some of our volunteers have made over the years are unsustainable and but fortunately a group of caring supporters has come together in an effort to create a course correction. There is an outside project in the works that will not only help create adequate human and financial resources for New Mexico Pets Alive but it aims to do the same for many other non-profit organizations.

At the end of the day, the demand for our help far outweighs our ability to help a larger number of people and pets. We welcome you to join us as a volunteer,fosteradopterdonor or business sponsor. TOGETHER, we make the difference!