After more than 8 years of servings at-risk impounded dogs and cats from across New Mexico and the people who wish to see a better life saving system for them across NM, New Mexico Pets Alive is in the final stages of ending its operations and working toward tranferring to safe rescue the remaining animals in our no kill rescue program. Our co-founder's cancer battle which began almost 2 years ago has resulted over time in an ongoing lack of sustainable human and financial resources in her absence. Unfortunately, yet understandably, a replacement who could realistically volunteer the almost 70/hours a week that she did who also has her vast amount of animal care and no kill programming knowledge could not be found to work without pay as she did so generously 7 days/week without vacations and without complaints. The personal sacrifices made over the years by all of the NMPA volunteers just cannot be sustained no matter how passionate we are. We appreciate everyone's support over the years and we appreciate your support during this transition as we still haveover a dozen animals in our care. If you are a no kill shelter or group who can possibly take one or more of our remaining animals, please send an email to If there is a way in the future to fill gaps once more in the NM animal welfare system with an eye toward building the no kill lifesaving system for homeless dogs and cats that exists in other states, we will certainly help in any way we can. 

It was an honor to serve the people and pets of New Mexico,
NMPA Volunteers