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"I've been training dogs professionally for 22 years and training in the shelter industry since 2006. I've traveled and worked with over 60 shelters throughout the United States helping to implement playgroups. I've also done extensive advanced training for several shelters and rescue groups. There are many reasons why the New Mexico Pets Alive program deserves your support, but I can sum all of them up into one reason. Dogs and people need and deserve this program. 

New Mexico Pets Alive is unique in sheltering and rescue in that they recognize training and whole dog care to be one of the most important keys to helping both more people and more dogs in their community. It is the heart of their dog programming. Their organization strongly believes in treating the whole animal and strengthening the human-canine bond. Treating the whole animal means that all of their needs are met every day. This goes beyond adhering to the normal cleaning, feeding, walking and veterinary care necessary in animal welfare. They are unique in the animal welfare field in that they deliver a level of comprehensive training for staff, volunteers, the community and the dogs that I have not personally seen before and it's incredibly exciting to participate in its development. 

A partnership between myself and New Mexico Pets Alive was a perfect match because our visions for what's possible for people, professionals and dogs are the same although we came to the same realization via different paths.  My training treats the whole-dog and it is important to adequately maintain the mental well-being of the dogs in both a facility and home environment. As a result of our partnership, training and behavior have become the heart of their dog programs and they are growing the capacity to share this progress to benefit a much larger number of dogs, pet owners and professionals. They are providing and demonstrating a unique but necessary approach to creating a true safe haven for the animals. 

Every dog that enters the facility is treated as an individual. We learn from each dog what their individual needs are to ensure that we are helping them be the best canine companion they can be. Collectively, we determine what each dog needs to maintain a happy and healthy stay while in the New Mexico Pets Alive program and then the dogs are assessed to begin a training program that best meets their needs to prepare them for a family. Training includes playgroups which helps the dog with their dog-to-dog social skills, leash training, basic obedience training, Canine Good Citizen preparation, threshold respect to prevent door darting, human-dog manners to teach dogs not to jump, mouth/bite people, rile and recovery during play to teach dogs impulse control and to listen to people when they're in a high state of arousal. Dogs also learn coping skills and are taught useful commands such as drop, leave it, out, quiet, check it out, and a place command, and we do behavior modification for more problematic or difficult behaviors.

Adoptable dogs are matched with a family that best fits who that individual dog is and we give adopters all the necessary training and support required to strengthen the human-canine bond. NMPA adoptable dogs come with free behavior support for the lifetime of that dog. New Mexico Pets Alive is also an adoption guarantee program meaning that if something should ever happen that would prevent the adopter from adequately caring for the dog they adopted, the dog has a safety net with NMPA to prevent them from being surrendered to a shelter.

Through their job training programs people can receive training in disease control, basic medical, training and behavior modification, fundraising, events, management and many more areas which will open them up to endless job opportunities in the both the sheltering and animal welfare industry.

New Mexico Pets Alive isn't just a place for homeless dogs to enter and exit. It's a new beginning of bettering the lives of each dog that enters in a comprehensive way. It's not just a place for people to work and volunteer. It's a place for people to learn how to better the lives of dogs and their own lives through training and whole-dog care. It's not just a place for people to adopt a dog. It's a place for people to find their next family member and become part of an extended family the adopter can call on for behavioral help and support. I'm proud to be a partner of New Mexico Pets Alive because our unique and comprehensive approach saves and improves dogs lives while helping people create a better future for themselves and animals". - Sara Thompson, Canine Expert, owner of Innovative Dog Training & Education and NMPA National Training Partner


"I learned about New Mexico Pets Alive a little over 2 years ago and heard of the good works that they do. They rescue dogs that have no other options including ones that have behavior issues - some just because they have never been socialized with their own kind.   NMPA helps them learn to feel safe and to be a happy dog. My own dog, a 12 year old rescue, has issues and NMPA and their team are helping me to get her comfortable with other dogs, which is a blessing for her and for me. These people are helping so many of our at-risk pets find happy, loving homes.  Their work is wonderful and I will continue to support them." - Christy B.


"I cannot say enough good things about New Mexico Pets Alive!  They have been an excellent resource throughout the entire adoption process.  I have dealt with many rescue organizations & I have never seen the kind of "whole life" commitment they have to making sure the animal and family are successful forever!  They respond super quickly (even with their limited resources), they're kind, honest and extremely knowledgeable.  I know I can count on New Mexico Pets Alive to be there for me, so I can be there for my "fur baby".  - Carla K.


"I adopted the darling girl in September of 2014. I had been looking on and off for over 2 1/2 years... since my oldest chihuahua (George) passed away. I had come close a few times but for some reason or another things always fell through.

One day a friend of mine sent me a link via Facebook containing a picture of a tiny and sassy looking little pup who had been named Penelope by the NMPA rescue.  I filled out a foster to adopt application and was contacted by Melissa Roberts-Schlough a few days later who then arranged for a meet and greet. I was able to express my worries and concerns about my chihuahua not accepting a new pup. I was given every bit of assurance and support throughout the process. Shortly after that the darling pup was brought to my house and I knew within 3 days she had found her way home. Of course, being a nervous new puppy mama, I had MANY questions and worries. (It had been quite some time since I raised a puppy). Everyone from Melissa to Penelope's (who is now called Laura) foster mom was and continues to offer unwavering support should it be needed.

Rescue isn't as simple as placing animals in loving forever homes, it's about ensuring that those adoptive families continue to get whatever emotional and educational support they need to ensure the match is everlasting. For that, I will be forever in their debt." - Tara Moore-Crumpton and of course Laura (fka Penelope)


"As an occasional volunteer, a regular donor, and a client of the training program provided by NMPA, I am a believer in and supporter of this organization. The dedication (truly blood, sweat, & tears) of the organizers, volunteer staff, and volunteers is unmatched and so very admirable. The potential for this program and the outreach they are striving for is achievable and I will continue to support its growth." - Sheri


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