FOSTER A PET with New Mexico Pets Alive!

What is Animal Foster Care?


Foster care is VITAL link between sheltering and rescue and a forever home for thousands of homeless companion animals here in New Mexico.  Individuals and families temporarily open their homes to help care for a cat, dog, kitten or puppy (and sometimes other more unique companion animals) to help best prepare them for adoption. Foster care can also be the last hope for a shelter pet on death row or for a previously neglected or abused animal who would not do well in a typical shelter or boarding environment. Fosters determine the amount of time they are able to give. Some animals need only a couple of days - some need weeks. We are in need of fostering help for as short of a time frame as one week to longer lengths of time for special medical cases. As a New Mexico Pets Alive! foster, you may set your fostering length of time and we will match you with an appropriate foster pet for that length of time, taking into consideration your lifestyle, work schedule and family composition, including any animals already in the home

NMPA foster families receive a 24/7 foster support phone number in the event of an emergency. Emergencies are rare but it's helpful to have a protocol and support in place. We provide vet care and supplies unless fosters wish to donate this. It is welcomed but not expected.  The time and care you give as an NMPA foster will help save a life!  To begin, please complete our online foster form and one of our volunteer team members will get back in touch with you shortly.

Help Us Save More Lives of At-Risk Shelter Pets in NM