What is Animal Foster Care?

Foster care is VITAL link between rescue and a forever home for thousands of homeless companion animals here in New Mexico. It is the number one most requested service we receive inquiries for here at New Mexico Pets ALIVE! Individuals and families temporarily open their homes to help care for a cat, dog, kitten or puppy (and sometimes other more unique companion animals) to help best prepare them for their upcoming adoption. Foster care can also be the last hope for a shelter pet on death row or for a previously neglected or abused animal who would not do well in a typical shelter or boarding environment.

Foster Care Saves Lives!

Temporary foster care is probably the single most important life saving key for homeless animals in transition. Our research shows us that we can reach high save rates here in NM with YOUR HELP when we comprehensively replicate the highly successful No Kill programming being carried out by many our neighboring states of Nevada, Utah and Colorado and Texas.

What We Need:

NMPA has been fortunate to begin receiving in-kind donation pledges of pet food, some discounted veterinarian medical care services and more. If you would like to make an in-kind contribution or product or services please send an email to: mail@newmexicopetsalive.org

Financially, every penny counts. Please click the link at the top of this page and give what you can to help us save as many lives as possible. If your school, organization or business would like to help us raise funds for NMPA, please send an email to: mail@newmexicopetsalive.org  You may also donate by making a check made payable to New Mexico Pets Alive and mailing to: NMPA, PO Box 25661, Albuquerque, NM  87125.

To receive a NMPA Foster Care application, please send an email to mail@newmexicopetsalive.org. No experience is necessary but each foster will receive foster care training provided by NMPA.

On behalf of the animals seeking refuge and a temporary home, we THANK YOU!