Companion Animal Life Saving Informational Resources for

Animal Control Departments, Animal Shelters, Rescue Groups, Police Officers and the Public

Association of Shelter Veterinarians Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters (or related facilities) - Unlike our neighboring states, here in New Mexico, we unfortunately have no minimum requirements for shelter operations, practices or facility conditions outside of euthanasia licensing.  This has unfortunately resulted in harm, abuse and even death for many homeless companion animals entrusted into the care of our states' shelters.  These standard guidelines are the minimum accepted national standards and we encourage adoption and implementation by all NM shelters.

Do-It-Yourself Rescue Group, Boarding Facility, Foster Homes, Doggie Day Care Center and Shelter Assessments: Learning to Use a Web-Based Animal Shelter Infection Control Tool - Webinar. Prevent a disease outbreak in your facility or home. Imagine a team of skilled shelter veterinarians from all over the country evaluating your location from top to bottom - for free. Picture them giving you a list of hands-on, practical steps customized for your group or facility - steps you can take to prevent disease outbreaks and behavior problems, conserve resources, streamline workload, and, most importantly, save animal lives. Click here and you won't have to use your imagination at all.

'The First 60 Minutes: Animal (Rescue and) Sheltering's Critical Hour' - From the minute a dog or cat sets paw inside an animal control vehicle, shelter or rescuer's hands, the clock is ticking on decisions, procedures and practices that can spell health or illness - even life or death - for that animal. Find out how decisions made in that first critical hour impact the stress response and susceptibility to disease of sheltered dogs and cats. This is a free Maddie's Institute webcast with Brian A. DiGangi, DVM, MS, DABVP, Clinical Assistant Professor of Shelter Medicine at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters - new resource "for police officers who encounter dogs in the line of duty - ensuring humane treatment of dogs and safety for the public and officers."  

Feral Cat Care and TNR: A Beginner's Guide by Becky Robinson, President and founder of Alley Cat Allies

An integral component to increasing life saving success for cats in a community is TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return/Release).  Las Cruces, NM has a successful TNR program being administered on the campus of NMSU-Las Cruces by the NMSU Feral Cat Management Program - FCaMP.  Director, Michelle Corella has written a very informative document titled, 'Free Roaming Cats', explaining TNR and you may download this pdf by clicking here.  We thank Michelle Corella for sharing her expertise with others.

Programming to Help Reduce Shelter Intake and Also Save All Healthy and Treatable Companion Animals Entering Animal Control/Shelter Systems:

'Pet Retention' - Beata Liebetruth/Nevada Humane Society: How Will Neutering Change My Dog?, How Will Spaying Change My Dog?, Animal Help Desk Handbook, What to Do If You Find Orphaned Kittens, What to Do When Your Pet Has Gone Missing?, Barn Cats Flyer Example, Socializing Feral Kittens/UCL

'Pet Retention' - Bonney Brown/Nevada Humane Society: Fundraising for T-N-R Efforts, Adoption Follow Up Form Example,  How to Create a Grassroots Community Program to Help Feral Cats/ACA

'Saving Community Cats' - Julie Levy: Keeping Community Cats Out of Shelters

'Saving Shelter Cats' - Bonney Brown/Nevada Humane Society: Cat Convention: All Things Cats - promo exampleJune is Adopt a Cat Month - news release example,

'Adoptions' - Beata Liebetruth/Nevada Humane Society: How to Write Pet Adoption Profiles, How to Find Homes for Homeless Pets/BFAS,

Additional Resources:

Animal Farm Foundation: TURBO-CHARGE YOUR "PIT BULL" DOG ADOPTIONS!  Easy, affordable and practical advice for sending more dogs home.

Animal Ark/No Kill Advocacy Center - Upcoming Webinars

Best Friends Animal Society - Upcoming Webinars